sho and his introduction to amazing spiderman casts

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Scar and mufasa - Vine by Travis Brown 

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The houses of Game of Thrones reimagined as modern brands (x)

i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’

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Tbh I hate every version of this song and it is so over played it hurts but this goes so fucking hard holy fuck. If you are going to listen to one version of this song, THIS IS A KNOCK. 

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iPhone 5 photos of some of the things I ate in Japan. 



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Season 4 ep.2: “The Lion and the Rose”

Somehow, this one got away from me. Not sure if this comic ventures into fanfic territory- or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking :)


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Sansa is literally the worst character on Game of Thrones. The only reason she even wanted to marry Joffrey is because he was good looking and a Prince, which is just shallow. After she marries Tyrion she doesn't want to sleep with him because his physical appearance disgusts her, another shallow act. I literally do not understand why people like her character. Just because she can put up with abuse and horrible people doesn't overwrite all the horrible, selfish things she's done.


oh my, my first angry anon about a game of thrones, how exciting.

- sansa was raised her entire life to be a proper lady - to be a queen. i get that it’s ~easier~ to like characters like arya and brienne that go against gender norms, but women like that aren’t common in westeros, and they don’t last very long. getting married and having children are what women are expected to do. like god i don’t get why people shit on sansa for wanting to be a queen when that’s literally what she was raised for. and how was sansa supposed to know how terrible joffrey really was? it’s not as simple as sansa speaking out against him when he does something bad, like even ned says sansa has to take joffrey’s side “even when he’s wrong”. ALSO the fact that joffrey is attractive and charming and sansa has been raised with stories of gallant princes AND SHE’S 12…gosh i wonder why she fell so quickly for him

- sansa doesn’t want to have sex with tyrion because she’s a 12 year old child that was just sold into a marriage she didn’t consent to - to a man twice her age that’s currently at war with her family. tyrion’s appearance had nothing to do with it, on her wedding night:

Look at him, Sansa told herself, look at your husband, at all of him, Septa Mordane said all men are beautiful, find his beauty, try.

- lol she ‘puts up with abuse’. her first chapter in a clash of kings opens with her having to wear a gown with long sleeves to hide the bruises on her arms because joffrey sent his knights to beat her after robb is proclaimed king in the north. she’s stripped naked in front of joffrey’s court and beaten with a sword until she ‘loses count of the blows’. she repeatedly has to deal with her family members deaths being rubbed in her face and before her marriage to tyrion, she’s frequently reminded of how she could be killed at any second because of what her family does

like i literally do not understand how people don’t like sansa

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